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Just writing this random blog and sharing my thoughts with you guys, here goes.

Q:What is the meaning of Life?

A: What is Life? What's our purpose here? Society will tell you life is short, and get all you can. But in reality, that's not all life is about. We live to laugh, to cry, to be angry and sad and all the feelings in the spectrum. Discover the unknown, read books( I don't read very often though), Play Video Games( That's me for sure!)
and so much more that I can't describe in a single answer. That's what we strive for, to share our experiences with everyone else and get closer to that meaning/definition of the subject of Life.
Living is something to be proud of, and as we grow older ( I'm quite young) we become wiser and make better decisions. But when we're old, will the young generation listen to us? Makes me think, the irony of Life. The term "Life's a b**ch" fits here most definitely as Life can be very ironic. Respect your elders guys, haha..

Q: How do you live, you know right?

A: That, I don't even have a clue about. Society will tell you living right is being rich, owning a huge mansion, having a nice family, and having your own Reality TV show. That's not it though. What's living right can be different for everyone else, including you and me and that guy that runs the grocery store a few blocks away.
Life is different for everyone.
What a statement. You know the messed up part about Life is? While we complain about the perks of a first-world country, having food to eat, getting our favorite electronics, sleeping in a wonderful house, and having the chance to live we take it for granted. While children in third-world and extremely poor countries are starving, homeless, and don't know when they're next meal is going to be and don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. We're on Facebook and Twitter complaining about OUR lives, but think about it.. Do we really have the right to complain? I mean, these people are actually suffering while we enjoy our lives in this great country called America. How do they live right? Just having enough to get by? That, is something that has me thinking. Or would they be consumed by the very familiar and prominent feelings of greed and jealousy that us humans know all too well. The corrupt businessmen and crooks that become extremely rich but refuse to give away money to others or earn it fairly. Would those people if they had the opportunity strive to become rich? You, I, the man in the grocery store, and your next-door neighbor would all have once answer: Hell Yes. That's another thing to think about.

Q: What are we made to be?

A: Whatever you want. Be it a Doctor( that's something I want to become possibly.), a Lawyer, a Nurse, a Astronaut, or even something as terrible as a supervillian. Do what you want, haha. 
Life is without limits, well they are limits but very obvious ones. For example, you're not going to win the lottery for 365 Million Dollars on Friday The 13th. Not that I'm superstitious or anything of that sort, but it probably most definitely won't happen. But can it? Yeah, sure. 
You can be a comedian ( Please be funny), a actor, an actress, Mermaidman & Barnacleboy, or be a 26 year old fry cook working at a Krusty Krab Restaurant.(Spongebob!)

Well, that's it for this blog. Feel free to comment and share your opinions! Thanks guys!

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