Life is: Trying, Falling. Trying Again. And Falling. The Same Repetitive cycle.
And yet, How do we stop ourselves from failing? Or Better yet: What is the definition of Life? What's our purpose? Why are we set to live? That is the question(s) that has plagued man ever since the beginning of the world. 
Matter of fact, People try to define life within their means. That we should live life with morals, and respect others. I am a firm believer in that idea, but others may disagree. You may have a crooked criminal who thrives off of making others lives hell all for his own personal benefit. Why? That, is something only the criminal would know. If I were to try and define Life, I couldn't. In its entirety, No Human Being could define Life and everything inside of it. Even the smartest scientists like Einstein and many other great minds of our existence couldn't find the meaning of life no matter what they tried. People turn to Religion for that answer. I, a firm believer in Christianity believe in Intelligent Creation/Design or whatever it's called, I digress. While those who believe in Evolution, or differ from the views from Christanity possess different views. And they hold those views as their own creating, designing their own point of view.
But enough of that whole paragraph of thought I just had. The purpose of this blog is to share our thoughts, our points of views, Debate in an organized fashion, and to help understand our lives better through learning through others, Sharing our experiences, and such. Even though we may never reach the answer to the Ultimate Question: What is the meaning of Life? We can wonder, can't we? The drive to find such an answer has us all wondering, and we could sit here and think and we can never find it. Feel Free to Comment on any of these blog post(s), This is the first of many so please stay tuned. What are your thoughts?
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