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You all must be familiar with the social network site called Twitter, if you're not you should be. Twitter is a social network and micro blogging website where people can share news, status updates, pictures and respond to trending topics (denoted by #'s) all in 140 characters or less.
I have a personal twitter and this blog has one as well (You can follow this blog on twitter at the top right on the twitter icon.) 

But enough about background....

Want to gain followers? Read this Post...

You're reading this blog to learn how to gain followers! Not a biography of Twitter and all that stuff. 
Well, lets put a little background about followers and such.

On Twitter, you own a profile. People can follow your profile and see the tweets(statuses) you post. Many people start out with almost no followers and are following more people than them. 
View my twitter profile here.

You see, I'm following less than the people I follow, significantly..... and have over 1,000+ Followers..

You might ask: How in the world is that possible?!

Well, 1,000 Followers is not a lot. Trust me. I'm gonna share with you guys how I gained followers and how you can to following this guide. I'll write a guide more in detail about twitter than above in another blog..

I started out like many of you have, I was following 20 people and getting followed by 20 people. I wanted a bigger experience, I wanted more people to follow me. I like to say this, there's 2 types of twitter users:
"Those that want more followers, and those that are lying."

But let's cut to the chase..

To Begin:

I recommend checking out the utility ManageFlitter here.

- This Tool has been such a help to me finding who my unfollowers are, who is inactive, those without profile pictures and such! And the best part is it's  free! You can box out your unfollowers and unfollow them without wasting hours upon hours looking on your twitter Timelines and those you are following trying to find out who is not! Definitely recommend. You can also use it to follow people YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING just in case, you know a friend followed you but you can't find their account, etc.

I recommend at first, following back whoever follows you for a few reasons:
#1: They'll keep following you, if they do unfollow, easy as following them back.
#2: If they have great tweets, That's a plus! 
#3: If you interact with them, their followers will see that; that will bring more potential followers to you!

Another great tool is the website(s) are Traffup and Twiends. Visit Traffup here. and Twiends here.

Traffup and Twiends make it easy to gain followers as easy as getting points and people following you with similar interests. I'll explain both kind of the same since they're very similar.

Traffup: You Earn points by visiting websites, following others on Twitter, and retweeting other people's tweets. It's awesome as you can earn points, and have it sit there and earn your followers. You can also post your website there, (which is what I did.)

Twiends: Works in a very similar way, as Points are called Seeds. You follow people on Twitter, and gain Seeds and other people will follow you until you run out of seeds. Very simple, and it's a directory so signing up and getting listed there is good for you! :D

Follow Teams and Twitter Celebs.

I recommend you follow Twitter celebrities.. What are Twitter Celebrities? No, not Justin Bieber or Katy Perry. Just regular people only "famous" on Twitter. These celebrities follow almost everyone back, having hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of followers. Some Twitter celebs I know of are:
@daschnit His Twitter here. @PromotionsTeam a Follow Team. Their Twitter here. 
@TeamFollowWacky Follow Them here.

Keep an eye out for people like these. Follow Them and Retweet their Follow Tweets and gain followers.
Also, Spammers..
The people that follow the spammers back, those that mention you with tiny.url or bit.ly ( don't click them by the way, their dangerous...) Look at the spammers' followers.. Since they want to gain, if you follow them they'll follow you back. Wise thinking? You know it. 

Well, that's it for this blog post. Hopefully, you'll go out and earn followers like you want to. And even if you "don't", you know sure as anything you want to earn followers. Also, I forgot to mention 
Beware of the follow limits. Do not follow too many people in a 24-hour period or you risk your account getting suspended. I believe it's 500 but don't quote me. 
Follow people that follow these accounts mentioned above as well as they have a high chance to follow you back. If they don't, that's what manageflitter is for, right? Be careful, and don't unfollow people right away and don't, don't, don't mass follow and unfollow. And those automation followers. Be careful with them, I use them once in a blue moon but they do post as your twitter account to your followers. You can delete the tweets to make sure nobody sees them, you're preference. With this gaining followers guide, maybe one day you'll be part of the Twitter elite.

Follow me on Twitter on my personal here. and follow the blog here.

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