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Rapper NaS, [ Who I Gave The Nas Life Is Good Album Review] If you haven't read the review, you can read it here.

Rapper NaS did a LIVE Stream for iHeartRadio which he announced on his twitter. It Started at 7:00PM and I have to honestly say, It was an amazing performance. Nice Job NaS.
Anyway, let's go more into detail. Click Read More To Watch Video Performances from this iHeartRadio Performance and more.

NaS Performed Songs From His New Album, ( I gave it a 9.0) Life Is Good tracks like
"The Don", "Daughters" , "No Introduction" (which he began the concert with), and "Stay" (Close to the end.) Great songs, Great Performance, He had help with DJ Green Lantern I believe from Power 105.1.  He also performed songs from Illmatic, It Was Written, "Made You Look", and "Stillmatic". Overall, the BEST Live Performance I've seen yet.

So here's the thing Guys. I started recording in hopes of uploading the whole performance on my Youtube Channel for everyone to watch. Unforunately, this program by the name of Camstudio did not save or even have audio for the whole performance (40 minutes worth). I realized it wasn't working and I grabbed my Phone in haste and recorded this great performance.  The Fans knew the lyrics to these songs, and everyone was having the time of their lives as I watched. I was so pumped afterwards. It sucks I didn't get to record the whole 1 hour of this wonderful performance, but some good news I got 15 minutes with my phone. The videos, I'll have below. I advise you guys to check out my Youtube Channel: RealityHaven (name of my gaming website)  here.

Below is the Videos that I recorded with my phone.. "Made You Look" and "One Mic" & "Stay". Enjoy Guys.

One Mic & Stay..

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