Written By Ricardo Rigodon (LifeDefined)

> This is the way I feel about 9/11 and this issue seems a lot of people on my NewsFeed and on other Facebook Pages I felt the need to add my opinion too. Enjoy Guys.

I feel America has done much worse( I see 9/11 has a harsh bite in the ass for what we've down in the past) , we've bombed Japan( I see you argue we saved "millions" of lives; MacArthur (a crazy general and our best) said we should blockade them until they surrender - which would've much much better choice, Vietnam( fighting against communism in that area), Got involved in matters we shouldn't have, Protecting Israel( which I'm on the fence on that; don't really know the right decision; although sending billions+ billions to them each year along with Egypt is ridiculous ), and among other matters. 9/11 was a tragedy, " A Day That Will Live In Infamy" but things such as the Holocaust, etc. the amount and toll of other events as well far exceed 9/11.
People say it's a conspiracy, I watched a documentary that showed HOW they got here, HOW they got prepared and went to flight school,etc. right here and blended in. It also said they had received warnings from the CIA, etc. of Bin Laden planning to attack. Did they do anything to intervene that?
After the USS Cole attack;
The Navy said they could bomb the camp Bin Laden was in and could've killed him, but I believe Clinton said no because of the innocents located there. Which I find kind of dumb, we could've maybe prevented a tragedy like this is happening.
And our lives are affected by this everyday. I hate this day.
We're reminded of the terrible thing that happened on 9-11 ironically the number being dialed all through those greusome and stress filled hours.
They said Bush knew IT was going to happen, but let it happen so he could have a reason for going to Iraq and the Middle East to get oil. And Killing Saddam Hussein, who wasn't responsible for 9/11..

All and all it's really in lack for a term that expresses my feelings right now, fucked up. Excuse my french but I had to get it out there. I respect the people who serve in the Army as it's not their choice where they go to fight but they fight for our freedoms and such. And the First Responders who lost their lives trying to selflessly save others knowing they could've possibly died. And Those People are real heroes to me.
And Batman, Spiderman And Superman. The Traditional Heroes, you know? Just kidding, but anyway what I'm saying in this rant is We Treat 9/11 as such a huge tragedy (and it is) but we inflate it for more than it actually was. Tragedies such as The Holocaust for example, where over 6 Million Innocent people died, mostly Jewish for no reason at all; a complete manslaughter. To end this "rant" or article for that matter, Please comment your thoughts below I'd love to see our views on this issue. Thanks Guys.

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