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Well,   Today was the First Day Of School or should I say the LAST First Day of School, myself being a Senior( Time Flies!). Feels like yesterday I was a freshman just entering the realm of High School scared of the depths that laid ahead. We entered those doors unaware of what awaited us behind those doors. Turned out High School wasn't that bad as we all expected, to be honest It made me feel like I sort of was growing up away from the "babying" of Elementary School and the "pre-highschool" phase of Middle School.

Anyway, High School for the first day went exceptionally well. Better than expected.
For One, Pre-Calculus seems like a challenge. Our Teacher seems to pretty much tell us they're not capable of teaching us in class and we'll have to read the textbook at home (Great).
But Other Than That, Freshman Year I was in Band/Instrumental Music. I was pretty good, had a solo and stuff and played 2nd Clarinet out of 3. Now I'm a Senior 2 Years Later, Awesome.
Physics AP + English AP will be challenging being in AP courses but I'm up to it.

Overall, Just a few classes I quickly discussed and such. Seems like a pretty awesome School Year if I do say myself. Friends in every class.. Feel free to comment and keep your eye out for more blogs!

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