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So I Finally Finished The First Book for English AP, How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas Foster. It wasn't a bad book to be honest, and I feel now I understand English Books better than when I did when I first read it. Annotating was kind of new to me in that aspect as I really haven't done anything and it seemed kind of weird writing notes inside of a book, but I did it.
He expresses his views on various parts of literature, and gives you a pretty solid understand of the surface of Literature itself. What astonishes me is that he said towards the end we've only scratched the surface, ( Great, I think to myself, there's more?! )
Now the Second one should take much less time, at least I hope. With time winding down, I have this book, a project and then some Physics Study Island and SAT stuff to do. Then, I got some college stuff as well.
Isn't my life exciting?! 

Well, That's it for this Blog Post. I'll try to be more active, haha. 
8/20/2012 11:14:57 am

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