Written By Ricardo Rigodon(Blog Owner/Creator,Life Defined)
Girls always say they want Nice Guys, but when one comes around they turn them down. Why is that?
And Yet, they go after the jerks and scumbags and then judge every guy in the world as a jerk just like them because they made a terrible choice. 
People do that a lot, and what I mean by that is stereotype. Think About This Example.
New Jersey Residents, You can Relate to this. I was born in Brooklyn, NY but I can defintely post something that everyone can relate to.
Take the MTV hit, Jersey Shore so people outside of our state think we're the same like those.. jerkoffs and douchebags . Giving other people a negative look on NJ. I despise the show to be quite frank, not only for the dumb people that are a part of it, or the culture it glorifies of being stupid and dumb, spray tans, but also what other people that come to New Jersey now start to think of us. Those people are from New York anyway, not even New Jersey. And To Those outside of New Jersey, we're not. Really feel the effects here being about 15-20 mins away from Seaside, we're not far from it.

Now you see an example of a stereotype, It makes you think, "Are they ever positive?"
That, is another great question. I personally think that if a nice person were to give the other person a great view on other people in your group/cliche it'd be beneficial but it could also be detrimental seeing as they would have extremely high expectations of you, and you could turn out to be a terrible person.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this short blog of mine.

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